3 Ways That You Can Practice Being Happy Today

3 Ways That You Can Practice Being Happy Today

I was in the car the other day on my way to taco bell for a crunchwrap- one of my favorite naughty treat items. I was grooving along with the windows down, the music playing, and my dog, Eleanor, sticking her head out the window when I thought, “I think this might be what heaven is like”. I don’t know what exactly it was, the mixture of excitement for my food and the joy of watching my dog blissed out or the beat of the music and the wind in my hair, but this relaxed feeling just washed over me. Have you ever had a moment like that, when contentment and joy take up all your consciousness and worries were nowhere to be found? That happens to me a lot. A moment watching the sunset, in the arms of a loved one, or the perfect bite all bring me to a place of heavenly perfection. I’m not sure what really happens to us when we die, but noticing these moments of heaven in my daily life has become an important way for me to learn about what really makes me happy.

Sure, I know that my taco bell crunchwrap will fire off some pleasure centers in my brain, but i’m talking about a deeper happiness. It’s a feeling of okness, a quiet yet all-encompassing sense that maybe all is right in the world after all. These moments of heaven on Earth charge my batteries, inspire me, and give me the motivation to keep moving through my life.

As I’ve observed myself in this zen state of mind, I notice that it only happens when my mental state is healthy enough to recognize them. Because I never pencil in “experience heaven on Earth” on my calendar, if I don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses, to bring myself back again and again to this present moment, I just miss those moments entirely. So, I’m training myself to notice more and more heavenly moments every day.

Here are 3 Ways That You Can Practice Being Happy Today

Slow Down: That can look like staying connected to your body and noticing when your muscles are becoming tense. When you notice this, take a few deep breaths, relax your muscles, and take a look at your physical surroundings. You can even look around the room for your favorite color to neutralize the mind. This brings you back to the present moment, where you can begin to notice beautiful and wonderful things that exist.

Pay Attention: when those heavenly moments spontaneously happen, take note of where you are, what you’re doing, and what it is about the moment that makes it so blissful. After awhile, you’ll notice commonalities like being in nature, listening to music, or being with your pet.

Focus on the Good Things: If your mind is full of worry and criticism, you’ll often miss moments of heaven without even realizing it. You can start with a daily gratitude list, or name one thing you’re grateful for before each meal, or take time to appreciate your functioning body. Even this simple shift can begin the process of rewiring your brain for happiness and training your mind to look for the heavenly moments.

What are the things that bring you to that moment of pure perfection? How do you invite these moments into your daily living? Comment below!